Tbilisi, Universiteti st. 2a
The largest charity sport event to support Ukraine will take place on 5th of June in Kakheti, Georgia
🪁 “Run for Ukraine” is organized by the International Foundation of Sport, Tourism and Youth in Kakheti.
🧩 The participation fee is 30 GEL and all entry fees and donations will be forwarded entirely to the Ukrainian families affected by war.
📌 The registration is two staged:
➾ Buy a ticket –
➾ Fill the registration form –
🚘 The race will take place in Telavi Municipality, nearby Lopota. Transportation will be ensured to and from the event location. (The busses will depart from Tbilisi nearby Radisson Blu Iveria). The participants will receive T-shirts with Ukrainian symbols on the spot. The race distance is 10km. The race will have 2 winners – one female and one male.💙🇺🇦